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UMK Red Cross Equipped New Members with Disaster Readiness

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UMK - Volunteer Corps (KSR - Relawan Korps Sukarela) are the backbone of Indonesia Red Cross (PMI -  Palang Merah Indonesia). Then it is a must to always improve the quality and quantity. UMK Unit  KSR PMI Which is the KSR at University  of Muria Kudus (UMK), on Thursday to Sunday (November 13-16, 2014) held new members orientation in Basic Education (Diksar - Pendidikan Dasar) activity. The Diksar located at the Hall of Darul Ilmi Mosque and Gadudero Village, Sukolilo, Pati.

The Diksar entitled “Producing social-minded, qualified, and responsible volunteers” purposed to drive the new volunteers of KSR PMI to have social-minded, understand KSR Fundamental knowledge such as first aid, family treatment, Disaster Readiness and be responsible on all the things they will have done. The values of the theme were packed in interactive lecturing, practices and outbound.

Started with opening, Aseptian Jihan the Chief committee of the Diksar said hello to the freshmen, “Welcome to KSR PMI Unit UMK volunteer candidates, I hope the join of these new members will motivate our academic achievement. I also hope the new members will have good loyalty to KSR for volunteers are the main roles of the organization.”

47 freshmen from various departments joined the orientation after passing interview session on recruitment. As described by Teguh Santoso, the Chairman of KSR PMI Unit UMK 2014/2015 period, “150 applicants enrolled, we interviewed them, then 47 students fulfill the requirements and joined the orientation.”

6 UMK Students Participated in Nation Building

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UMK - Tampil mUMK – Wearing white shirts wrapped in each college’s identity coat, 516 outstanding students gathered in Semarang. Various different races did not hold them to interact with each others in Dharma Puruhita Gala Dinner. It was the climax of Nation Building event series by Djarum Foundation - Bakti Pendidikan started from October, 31 to November 4, 2014. That night, 516 students were inaugurated as grantees of 2014/2015 Djarum Scholarship. These scholarship grantees derive from over than 100 colleges around Indonesia. Some of them are from University of Muria Kudus (UMK).

Six students of UMK are this year djarum scholarship grantees. They are Ainun Nikmah (English Education Department), Shara Nurul Laili (English Education Department), Swastantika Dewi (Elementary Teacher Education Department), Anif Fariz Asyrofi (Agro technology Department), Ahmad Kharis (Informatics Engineering Department) and Deni Boas (Psychology Department).
Beautifully, they performed 3 hours musical play entitled Damai Bumi Dewata together with the rest 510 grantees. Most of them lined in 8 tribunes and harmonized their voices while some of them play an act on the stage. Right between tribunes and  stage, chairs of colleges’ representatives and journalists were fulfilled.

Of course, a good preparation was needed to perform the play. Since October 31, they joined rehearsal guided by Denny Malik Entertainment. As told by Deni Boas, “since the first day, we had been rehearsed for Dharma Puruhita Night performance, I got a chance to dance Janger Dance. Almost all moments are unforgettable. On rehearsal, I made a lot of mistakes before finally I succeeded. The fun thing was my friends and I were eager to learn more dances rather than our own regions’. We tried other dances and felt down a lot.”

A different experience was felt by Ainun Nikmah. She, who joined the Alto choir, expressed, “It was a bout 8 hours a day we got vocal training, tiring for sure, but our togetherness with new friends was amazing. And at the Dharma Puruhita Night, husky voice did not stop us to excitingly perform professionally.”

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