Hoping for Rain

UMK - Knick-knack of lamps lighted black fabric and neatly marched umbrellas coloured the Hall of University of Muria Kudus (UMK) on Saturday night (11/20/2015). Three monthly discussion of campus theatre group, known as Srawung Ndalu (Srandal), hosted by Aura Theatre of Psychology Faculty of UMK took the grand theme: rain.

Galih Suryono, the Chief of the committee of SraNdal explained “rain has become the main theme, for it is suitable with recent situation, when no rain drops for months, hot air, but when rain continuosly take place, it will be troublesome. We packs rain in a theatrical stage full of moral messages regarding the good and the danger of rain,” the third semester  student of Psychology Faculty revealed.

The event was attended by 100 audiences representing Seni Kampus (Sekam) theatre of UMK, Tiga Koma theatre group of Faculty of Teacher and Education Science, Koin theatre group of Economy Faculty, Obeng Theatre Group of Engineering Faculty and guests, Satus Theatre Group of STAIN Kudus and Sebelas-sebelas Theatre Group of PMII as well as observers of theatre art in Kudus.

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Three Concerns Adressed on the Nationhood Camps

Ambarawa - Even earned no achievement during the last Nationhood Camp held by the Directorate of Education of Central Java on November, 13th-15th, at the Cavalry Battalion 02/Tank Ambarawa, Kabupaten Semarang, at last but not the least, there were a lot of experience shave been learnt there by 10 students of Muria Kudus University (UMK) who joined that even representing the campus scout organization named  Racana Muria Whira-Shima along together with the other 700 participants from various higher education in Central Java.

Abdullah Lutfi Noor Arifin, one of the participants conveyed that the event of National Camp gave so much impression and useful information. This even left me impressed and it taught me a lot about nationalism," told him.

The camp itself took Growing Students' Independence, Creativity, and Awareness as the theme of the event. "This camp focused on three aspects: intellectuality, community service, and achievements. Hence, there are various activities displayed during the event," he added.

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