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Universitas Muria Kudus

Agung, A Psychology Student with A Bunch of Achievements

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UMK – About 10 competitions Agung has participated in, starting from Kudus Tourism Ambassador Pageant 2013 and 2014, Denok Kenang Semarang Pageant, Nusantara Youth Ship Selection, 2014 Kudus Language Ambassador Selection, 2014 Province Language Ambassador Pageant, 2014 Youth-Pioneer Selection, 2014 Central Java Bakti Youth Camp, 2014 Online Selection of Youth with Culture and Tourism Awareness  and National Psychology Debate Championship of 2014 at Brawijaya University, Malang.

The 3rd semester student of Psychology Faculty of University of Muria Kudus (UMK) confessed that he has interested on competing in many championship right after he finished his senior high school education. He has interested on competing with others to prove his self-competency and ability to reach achievements. It was proven when for the first time, he won 2nd place at 2013 Kudus Tourism Ambassador Pageant and reached the 3rd at year 2014. He repeated his 3rd place success at , 2014 Kudus Language Ambassador Selection, 2014 Online Selection of Youth with Culture and Tourism Awareness . He then, won the 1st place in “Youth and Nation Leadership” essay writing during  2014 Central Java Bakti Youth Camp.

The success he has achieved involves failure. Nevertheless, it does not decrease his spirit. “When I fail, I must keep spirited, for no single result that denies efforts. Many lessons are learned from the failure, and I may not echo the same mistake,” he expressed.

Racana of UMK Won 3rd Place at Children Game Festival

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UMK - Wira-Shima Racana of University  of Muria Kudus (UMK) won the third place at traditional children game category in Central Java National Jamboree and Nationalism Character  organized by the Department of Education of Central Java Province, November 23rd - 25th, 2014.

The traditional children game team of Racana UMK consisted of A. Lutfi Ahyan N., R. Yusroni, Dyah Emilia Ulfa, and Nikmah Fathun played Boy-boynan, a popular game in Kudus and Jepara. '' the field game is played for 1.5 hours, '' said Yusroni, Chairman UKM Racana. Preceding the field game, eachteam of all participants should do a presentation about the game. The presentation is about the children game adopted. Each group has five minutes, '' he said.

Yusroni added, the decision of choosing this game at the jamboree held in Combat Engineering Battalion, Ambarawa is because it used to be played by many children, but nowadays children hardly know about the game. “The interesting thing of the game is the excitement. In addition, there are many philosophies contained, the advice of togetherness and solidarity, training strategies, and work together, '' he added.

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