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Prioritizing Da’wah Spirit on Campus

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UMK – The boards of Student Activity Unit (UKM - Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa) of Islamic Student Forum (Formi - Forum Mahasiswa Islam) of University of Muria Kudus (UMK) of 2014/2015 period was officially inaugurated last Saturday, 23rd of August, 2014. The inauguration took place at the auditorium of Darul Ilmi Mosque attended by all Formi members and Student Executive Bodies (BEM- Badan Ekskutif Mahasiswa) of UMK.

Syaiful Huda, the elected Head of Formi, in his speech said that a leader must have four characters: shiddiq, tabligh, amanah, and fathanah. “Be a leader who always does the right things, tells the good things, is trustable and smart,” he explained.

In his next one year performance, the student of English Education Department of UMK stated that he will continue the good things and accepting many better things. The four departments; mentoring, cadre, annisa, and syi’ar will be functioned even more. “Weekly meeting as Liqa’ that discuss common and religion knowledge will be continued,” Huda promised.

In his opinion, friendship in Formi is like Venn diagram. B circle is in A circle which means they need each other. One of them gets hurt, then the rest of them feel the same, vice versa.  “Brothers  and sisters are like a rainbow, beautiful for it’s colorful” he stressed.

Huda added, after the inauguration, the 80 people of boards and members will all participate in mabit. “Today, we will hold iman and takwa coaching night,” he continued.

Student Congress, Mujib Sholeh Won the UMK BEM President of 2014/2015 Election

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UMK – The president of Student Executive Body (BEM – Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa) of University of Muria Kudus (UMK) 2014/2015 period has officially been selected. Mujib Sholeh, the student of Teacher and Education Faculty, Elementary School Teacher Education Department , was elected at student congress (18th – 19th of August, 2014) at Seminar Room, 4th floor of UMK Main Building.

From the total of 75 votes of 16 student organizations (Ormawa – organisasi mahasiswa) of UMK, Mujib Sholeh won with 45 votes over his competitor, Noor Hidayah with 29 votes. Meanwhile, 1 vote was invalid.

In the congress, before the election as the climax, the committee organized congress’ conduct of order, Responsibility Report Session of UMK BEM, 2013/2014 period, commissions sessions discussing the article of association (AD -  anggaran dasar)/ bylaws (ART – anggaran rumah tangga) of BEM, 2014/2015 and the Course Outline of Student, and 2014/2015 BEM president election mechanism.

Mujib Sholeh, the elected president has had experiences as the Head of Student Organization of MA Manahijul Huda of 2008/2009 period, the public relation of Student Organization of Elementary School Teacher Education Department, period 2012/2013 and the president of Teacher and Education Faculty BEM, 2013/2014.

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