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Yayah, Having Her Students Creativity Program Presented in National Seminar

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UMK - Khilyatus Sa'adah becomes the one and the only representative of UMK who succeed in applying her Student Creativity Program (PKM) 2015 for Research category. Arousing "Teenagers' Addiction towards Online Game" as the title, Khilyatus Sa'adah head of the research and the other three member: Fijai Murdiono, Miratus Sa'adah and Rohmat Robani have conducted the research earlier.

Khilyatus S'adah, a fourth semester student of Psychology Faculty, Muria Kudus University (UMK), more familiar as Yaya, said, "So glad to find out my PKM proposal passes the selection by Dikti (Higher Education Institute)." The background of choosing online game as her research variable comes when she find a lot of her college friends play online game as a daily routine, they seem like they have nothing to loose spending most of their time gaming. "What will happen if this phenomenon invades Junior high students? That question attracts me to elaborate online game."

Having done collecting data from teenagers who learn in junior high school students in the city of Kudus, Yaya, who actively joins Students Executive Board of Psychology Faculty and Muria Research Center (MRC) Indonesia, then, send her research findings to the National Seminar with the theme of "Save Indonesia for Characterised Indonesia" which presents Prof. Hamdi Muluk of Psychology Faculty, University Indonesia as the keynote speaker. The seminar itself is organized by Psychology faculty of Sultan Agung Islamic University (Unisulla) Semarang in the form of call for paper.

Consequently, Yaya's research manages to succeed for the call for paper and, on Wednesday March 4th, 2015, she presents her research together with the other 34 speakers who are mostly lecturers representing their campus.

Enrolled for attending the seminar, there are Ciputra University of Surabaya, Satya Wacana Christian University of Salatiga, Hasanudin University of Makasar, Ahmad Dahlan Iniversity of Yogyakarta and Halu Oleo University of North Sulawesi.

Sekam, “Full Colour” On The Stage

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UMK - Around a hundred of students who own a great interest in art from various universities poured into the event of “Matras” (Malam Kreativitas: Night of Creativity, tran.) organized by the college art workers joining in Students Activity Unit (UKM – Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa) named “Sekam” (Seni kampus: Campus Artwork – transl-), last Saturday night (21/2/2015).

The attendees itself was not merely dominated from Kudus people, many of them came from Semarang. To be more presice, they were from Dian Nuswantoro (Udinus), Stikubank University (Unisbank),  Semarang State University (Unnes), and Walisongo Islamic State University (UIN) .

M. Chabib, the Chief of Sekam told that Matras at that night was arousing the theme “Full Colour.” We name it Full Colour because it involves all division in Sekam; Musical division, Dance division, and Theater division,” he revealed.

In the meantime, he also added “Matras gives the space to appreciate the creativity of their new member in fine art, based on their interest, on a night stage performance,” Chabib said in line with Eka Feri Riyanto.

Both Chabib and Feri showed a huge appreciation for the new members of Sekam who already gave a very interesting performance; the traditional and modern dances, the musical performances, and also the theater. “They are good, even though, they still need regular practice and need not to be easily satisfied by their capabilities,” he reminded.

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