Student Activity Units Open for New Members Recruitment

UMK - The New Students’ Orientation Period (Sapamaba), has just ended. Next, it's time for new students to choose Students Activity Units as a space to forge their potential and talents, and to learn about organizations.

In line to this, the student organizations which belong to the part of Students Activity Units welcomed the new students there, preparing to conduct the selection process for the member. “Ning Nong” choir, for example. The student organization which focuses on choir and singing is preparing the selection process from 14th to 17th of September, 2015.

Ainun Azzam, the Head of “Ning Nong” development division, said, the process of recruitment is adjusted to the lecture schedule. "We carried out a four-days selection adjusted to the schedule of new members. When they are free of lectures, they just have to come to our basecamp to join the recruitment,” he explained.

The student of the Engineering Faculty added, in the selection, the candidate members must sing national anthems, folk songs, and song by their own option. ''Those who can play a musical instrument, get an additional point. From there, the assessor team will look at the potential of the candidates. Furthermore, the selection of participants is grouped into four types of sounds. For men, they could join into the bass or tenor, while for women, they may enter the soprano or alto, "said him.

Ning Nong targets 60 new members of the 162 who signed up. After passing the selection, the new members will follow the Candidates Orientation Period on November. "We will add some competitions and introductions, to the fellow members to make them more intimate and compact," he continued.

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M. Jamaludin Al-Afghoni, the Champion of Wall Climbing to Fear of Height

UMK - The figure M. Jamaludin Al-Afghoni, arguably is a unique person. The frehman of the Faculty of Psychology, won the first place in the wall climbing championship held by the Students’ Activity Unit (UKM) of Nature Lovers Students (Mapala) in the series of New Student Academic Orientation Period (Sapamaba – Masa Pengenalan Akademik mahasiswa Baru) of Muria Kudus University (UMK),   last Tuesday (09/08/2015). Interestingly, he is afraid of heights.

It's certainly a surprising and astonishing confession of the adolescents who was born on August 21st. But, that's a fact. The preliminary round and the final round, he successfully passed the top of climbing path. But, once at the top, the alumnus of MA NU Salafiyah Wahid Hasyim, Jekulo, Kudus was too afraid to let go off his hands to go down.

The incident made ​​the audience laugh, let alone, at the end he decided to go down through the back side of the wall climbing. ''This is the first time I participate in such wall climbing game,'' he admitted, smiling thinly.

Because it was the first time to climb at such height, he added a bit of diplomacy, it must be common to feel afraid. ''When climbing, I did not look down. Having reached the top, I just realized, and immediately the body felt trembled and at the same time wanted to cry of fear of being fall," said him.

Even so, he told that he really likes to climb from childhood, such as climbing mango trees, coconut and guava trees. "But all the trees I climb is not as high as this,'' he said somewhat embarrassed when the audience saw him scared down after reaching the summit.

Selengkapnya: M. Jamaludin Al-Afghoni, the Champion of Wall Climbing to Fear of Height

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