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Universitas Muria Kudus

"Tiga Koma" for National Education Day

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UMK - UMK - There are a lot that people can do to honor the National Education Day. Through flag ceremony, education game event, and having some discussion addressing educational issues as a reflection for this country.

For campus artists, there are no better way to celebrate it than having theatrical performance and free oration. They are "Tiga Koma", students activity center which facilitates students of Teacher Training and Education Faculty, Muria Kudus University (UMK), who have the interest in any kind of art.

The event was held in the front yard of Campus Library on Monday (5/4/2015). The started by having a simple flag ceremony with simple customs.

There was a very meaningful view, two players were having Indonesian flag - merah putih - on top of the building. "We want to remind the community in this campus to recollect and to carry on the system of education brought by Ki Hajar Dewantara,’’ told M. Eko Bahruddin,  the event coordinator.

He claimed that Ki Hajar Dewantara is the pioneer at the same time the founding father of education in Indonesia, whose his thoughts need to be facilitated and rooted by our people since his thoughts have grown worldwide.

Mapala Tree Planting and Nail Clearance

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Kudus -  On behalf of commemorating World’s Earth Day on April 22nd, 2015, Nature Lovers Students Organisation (Mapala Arga Dahana), Muria Kudus University (UMK) came up with mound of activities, among them were tree planting and nail clearance.

Jamaluddin, field coordinator of these programs, stated that during this agenda Mapala Arga Dahana aroused “Don’t Just Blame the Nature” as the theme. “Through this message, Mapala Arga Dahana tries to remind the society not to just blame the nature, but to make them realize to also take part in the attempt of nature conservation,” he told.

Jamal also informed that on behalf of World’s Earth Day, 100 tree seeds were prepared in Dersalam Village, Bae Sub-district, to plant along the HOS. Cokroaminoto street.

“The tree planting is aimed to make the village becomes greener and fresher, while the nail clearance is to prevent the three growing unwell,” he added.

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