16 Regiment Members Scheduled to Follow Rindam Education

UMK – To the sum of 16 members of the Student Regiment of Muria Kudus University (UMK) are scheduled to follow the Basic Education (DIKSAR – Pendidikan Dasar) of “Mahadipa Yudha” Central Java XXXIX 2016 which will be held on next February 19th - March 1st, 2016.

The 16 members who will participate in the training are Kelik Afrika Bekti, Ahmad Amin, Putrivio Ayuningtias, Dewi Ponco, Dwi Retno, Wijaya Kusuma, Vicky Kusuma Dewi, Khoirin Ni'mah, Antan Ayyun A., D. Eka Aulia Dwi Lulus, Nila P. Sari, Isnaini YK, Bagas S. Nugraha, Siswoto, and S. Nisrina Primadika.

Deputy Commander of the UMK regiment, Azwar Anas, explained, the two weeks DIKSAR will be organized at the Education Camp of Regiment Military Command Headquarter IV / Diponegoro. ''The participants are the student regiments of universities, from both state and private in Central Java,'' he said.

Anas added that the 16 dispatched members are according to the official invitation from the staff of Mahadipa Regiment Command Central Java No: B / 005 / S.DIKSAR MHDP / I / 2016.

''This is an annual agenda and should be followed by all members of regiment, because through this DIKSAR, recognition as members of the regiment are published by the issuance of an ID card,'' he elaborated.

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Natural Environment Education for Elementary Students

UMKMahasiswa Pecinta Alam (Mapala: a group of students who concern about nature) Arga Dahana of Muria Kudus University (UMK) on January 3rd, is going to conduct a nature education in 102 Primary schools in Kudus.

The agenda gains assurance right after the schools declared their readiness to take part in hosting the program during the socialization by Mapala to the teachers last Wednesday, January 6th, 2016.  

Muh. Amin Ma’ruf, the PR of the agenda, revealed, the enthusiasm of the schools towards the program is beyond the expectation of the committee. "We aimed 90 schools before, but the numbers of the registrants are more than 100 now," he informed.

Amin continued, on that program, the activists from Mapala Arga Dahana would socialize about the importance of  nature preservation.

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